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Show Your 'Why'

"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it" - Simon Sinek

Your core beliefs or your company's raison d'être are potentially incredibly powerful motivators in attracting customers (the best customers- the ones that share your vision), attracting talent to your team and building fierce loyalty.

Telling your story effectively means structuring the film in such a way that it keeps people's attention and immerses them in your story. It's not a simple process but it has to be done right to maximise its impact.

This film for coffee-roasting pioneers North Star chronicles the owners' incredible journey and frames it in such a way to inspire the audience to entrust them as coffee experts with ethics, passion and personality.

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Marketing firms will tell you people buy based on emotion. For the brilliant, forward-thinking property developer 'Citu', we targeted desirability to attract leads for their game-changing low carbon homes in Leeds' 'Climate Innovation District'.

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This profile film for artist Jenny Beard will allow her message to be heard in her own words thousands of times after one single recording, saving her valuable time and attaching her potential clients to her work straight off the bat.