FCPX IG Template Pack - Free

FCPX IG Template Pack - Free


A Pack of 3 free FCPX templates for Instagram stories and posts. Make your own photo and video posts quickly in FCPX by dropping footage in to the pre-made template.


Use promo code 'FREE' to get them for free.


Designed for projects that are either IG stories (1080 x 1920) or long posts (1080 x 1350) or square (1080 x 1080)

  • License

    © All Rights Reserved Myles Fearnley

    It is prohibited to resell or share this product, even if edited.

    Use original link to this page if you want to share.

  • How to Use

    1. Download and unzip this file

    2. Copy unzipped folder in to: Device --> Your Hard Disc --> Users --> Username --> Movies --> Motion Templates --> Generators

    3. Use Generators in Final Cut Pro.

    If you don't see the folder in the Generators panel in FCPX:

    1. Check that your 'Generators' folder is localized: Navigate to the 'Generators' folder as above

    2. Right Click "Generators" --> Get Info --> Name & Extension.

    3. Add 'localized' to the end of the name if not already there, so that it reads: 'Generators.localized'.

    4. Re-launch Final Cut Pro