FCPX IG Template Full Pack

FCPX IG Template Full Pack

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A Pack of 12 FCPX templates for Instagram stories and posts, including the three free ones. Make your own photo and video posts quickly in FCPX by dropping footage in to the pre-made template.


For a demo, watch the YouTube video


Designed for projects that are either IG stories (1080 x 1920) or long posts (1080 x 1350) or square (1080 x 1080) and optimised for the version 10.4.8 (the latest version as of 1 June 2020)

  • License

    © All Rights Reserved Myles Fearnley

    It is prohibited to resell or share this product, even if edited.

    Use original link to this page if you want to share.

  • Installation Instructions

    1. Download and unzip this file

    2. Copy unzipped folder in to: Device --> Your Hard Disc --> Users --> Username --> Movies --> Motion Templates --> Generators

    3. Use Generators in Final Cut Pro.

    If you don't see the folder in the Generators panel in FCPX:

    1. Check that your “Generators” folder is localized: Navigate to the “Generators” folder as above

    2. Right Click "Generators" --> Get Info --> Name & Extension.

    3. Add ”.localized” to the end of the name if not already there, so that it reads: “Generators.localized”.

    4. Re-launch Final Cut Pro